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As technology improves and needs change, so does your OR layout. Conventionally, this means excessive cost and labor to rerun all electrical cables and medical gas hoses.

MONOTRACK simplifies this. Just disconnect the flexible hoses and cables from their common connection points on the raceway and move them to where you need them.


Feats. & Benes
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With MONOTRACK, adjusting your electrical cables and medical gases is easy - just disconnect from the common entry points and re-route the flexible hoses and cables.


Faster and Simpler

By plumbing medical gas and electrical lines to common points on the raceway, trade coordination is simplified and installation time is reduced significantly.

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With future-proof technology, simplified coordination, and quicker installation, MONOTRACK guarantees you savings now and in the future.

Features & Benefits

Raceway Details
Raceway with Conduit.png

Medical Gas Hoses

Raceway Box

Plumbed to a single location on the raceway

Run through raceway to destination

Protects and organizes medical gas hoses and electrical cables.

Electrical Conduit

Run through raceway to destination

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