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We design, build, and install the world's most flexible operating room ceiling systems.

The most comprehensive OR ceiling system

The operating room ceiling is the most complicated space in the hospital. It is a place where structural, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems must be precisely engineered to ensure the needs of the OR can be met. Coordination between multiple trades can be time-consuming, costly, and difficult to change as OR needs evolve over time.
Flexible OR Solutions understands these challenges. That's why we've developed our patented system called MONOFLEX, the world's most flexible, comprehensive operating room ceiling system.




Fast Installation
Pre-fabricated components mean quicker installation 


Simple Coordination
Reduces BIM and trade coordination in the most complex space in the hospital


Future-Proof OR
Modular components provide flexibility for the future

Flexible OR Solutions
Modularity with unmatched performance

Flexible OR Solutions makes OR construction and renovation simpler. With over 20 years of experience, we know the challenges and costs associated with hospital construction. Every day spent renovating an OR is revenue lost. That's why our system is the simplest, strongest, and most flexible ceiling system available.

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