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Who we are

Flexible OR Solutions LLC is a woman veteran owned and operated company that was established in 2016. Our team has over 21 years of experience working in the operating room equipment and renovation industry. During that time, we have been involved in the renovation and design of over 700 operating rooms all over the United States from Hilo, Hawaii to Barrow, Alaska and from Florida to Vermont. We have the knowledge, expertise and confidence to solve your operating room design challenges.

Julie Hodsden, CEO

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Our mission: to design, fabricate, and install the world's most flexible operating room ceiling systems

Flexible OR Solutions LLC understands the complexities of working in the most complicated space in your healthcare facility. It is our mission to provide you with outstanding professional service from the initial consultation, through the design process, during the installation and all the way to the post-installation walk-through.

Our company knows operating rooms

We know that over time, changes in your operating room are inevitable. This uncertainty in future equipment needs is driving the desire for flexible operating room ceilings. Our pre-fabricated, modular operating room ceiling system will give you the flexibility to adapt to changes as technology changes without incurring large construction costs and OR down-time. 

Additionally, our single-model OR ceiling system can function with any type or model of ceiling-mounted medical equipment and can accommodate any ceiling layout. This allows for decreased planning, construction and installation time which in turn can significantly reduce your overall project costs.

We will work closely with your owners and clinicians, architects and engineers, contractors, equipment planners and vendors to produce the right solution that will provide unmatched flexibility and save you time and money.

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Design.          Coordination.          Installation.

At every stage of the process, Flexible OR Solutions LLC is there to make sure that your operating room ceiling system meets all of your needs.

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What We've Achieved

We have designed the only pre-fabricated, modular, single-model operating room ceiling system that accounts for all of the components of an operating room ceiling (structural, med gas, electrical, HVAC) in existence. It is a patent-pending system. We have tested every one of our designs to ensure they meet each equipment manufacturer’s load specifications.


Our partners provide professional expertise in their respective fields so that when added to our in-depth knowledge of operating room design, we can provide you with an unmatched experience of professionalism, service, dedication and the utmost flexibility for your space.  

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