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MDMC F80 Structure 3.png

Exam Light


Rigid individual structures to support exam lights with moments up to 1,000 ft-lbs.

Modular steel column

Equipment Plate

Interface Plate

Exam Light Structure 5.png

Faster Installation

Exam light structures from Flexible OR Solutions are easy to install thanks to our modular components. These exam light supports can interface with all varieties of building structures, from concrete joist to flat deck to bar joist.


Improved Coordination

Our exam light structures have a small footprint – this makes them easy to plan around, simplifying trade coordination and reducing the headaches that come with planning a project. To ensure everything remains clash-free, our BIM team is ready to assist you through every stage of the process, from design and planning through installation.


Uncompromised Strength

Our systems offer modular design without sacrificing rigidity. Our experts will work with you to size the exam light supports according to the manufacturer’s specified design loads and deflection criteria.

Other products from Flexible OR Solutions

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Connection to building

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